Small acts of kindness

May 24, 2021
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"You are not a failure
You are not letting anybody down
Your strength is astounding and I cannot begin to tell you how special and wonderful you are"

I found this special note stuck on a tree in my local park & it really struck me how these are the small acts of kindness that feel like the absolutely BIG acts of kindness when read by the right eyes. So thank you for the @_thepositivityproject🌻 & for these beautiful words. My best friend suffered with suicidal thoughts 2 years ago & the negative thoughts of feeling like a burden were literally on replay for him. You would never have known of his inner resilience to keep going despite this endless chatter. I'm so proud of his strength. .

Mind Ninja was built around wanting to actively solve a problem in Dentistry : poor mental health, burnout & low morale. I do this through resilience & well-being training, humanising Dentistry and more specifically training our minds because I really get how our thoughts are essential in shaping our behaviours & how we see the world.


How can YOU help others through similar small acts of kindness when it comes to mental health?

Illustration @theburnoutbrain
Illustration @theburnoutbrain

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