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Mind Ninja is a well-being company that helps dental and healthcare professions enhance their mental well-being through resilience and well-being training. Our vision is to help teams, individuals and organisations foster workplaces and personal lives that make them feel happier and healthier.  We do this by sharing evidence-based mind tools from Positive Psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness.

Benefits of Mind Ninja training

Enhance resilience
Increase psychological well-being
Build focus
Govern stress
Strengthen emotional regulation
Enhance emotional intelligence
Increase happiness

How can Mind Ninja help

Resilience & Well-being team training

Team training on boosting resilience and well-being using Positive Psychology and mindfulness. Half day or full day. CPD 3-6 hours

One to one Positive Psychology coaching

Sessions focused on boosting your well-being, allowing you to thrive and reach your goals

Well-being workshops

Training for your organisation, from mindfulness at work, growth mindset, tackling imposter syndrome to boosting resilience

Organisation well-being programme

Customised well-being programme written and delivered for your organisation. This includes designing your well-being campaign

Keynote speaker

Speaker at your conference, panel or podcast

Delivered workshops for…

Industry recognition

Our feedbacks

Thank you so much! The workshop was really helpful on 2 levels. Firstly to learn about the psychology behind goal setting. and secondly to work in groups and learn from each other. A big take home point for me was the importance of approaching all goals with a growth mindset. and also challenging my negative beliefs. Speaking to others in breakout rooms really helped me come up with new ideas also. I loved the workshop and would like to see it becoming a longer course too. After the workshop I felt motivated to pursue mg goals and set about making a plan. Mahrukh has a real skill for holding a workshop with inspiration, gentleness & compassion.

Hoda Sepehrara, Associate

The workshop was just fantastic, Mahrukh. Really helpful to challenge natural thought processes and allowing us to reframe our life, events and goals using Positive Psychology. The format with the breakout rooms worked really well and the wonderful content you had prepared. Was great to (virtually) meet such a lovely bunch of people. Thanks again!

Niall Neeson, ‘The Calming Dentist’ Boyne Dental & Implant Centre

Mind Ninja is excelling in its delivery of webinars and workshops. Taking part in the Positive mindset, motivation and goals workshop was different to any other workshop I’ve attended. Mahrukh truly knows how to keep us active and make learning fun. This isn’t just a workshop, it’s an investment into yourself and that is time well spent. Now I’ve got my goals at the ready, I will work on making it happen

Robiha Nazir, hygienist at American Smile

I loved it. I really enjoyed learning about the power of mindfulness & the brain changes that occur. I loved learning about how to manage thoughts in different situations. I would highly recommend Mind Ninja. So authentic teaching

Zinab Al-Makhtar, Principal of Harrow on the Hill Dental & Facial Aesthetics

What Mahrukh has introduced with Mind Ninja is a turning back to our humanity and self love. I have taken a couple of Mahrukh’s courses and implemented her strategies. I can say hands down they have made a difference to my daily happiness levels and taught me ways to be more self compassionate in my job. 

Hoda Sepehrara, associate

Thanks for all your hard work and effort that went into an excellent presentation especially in such difficult circumstances from us all in ISDH. The webinar was so clear and well structured, which was so refreshing in these chaotic times. Its only as you were going along, I realized how tense my shoulders were and then started relaxing during our Loving Kindness Mindfulness exercises . Thank you so much! I’ll be trying these techniques you recommended this week

Grace Kelly, President of Irish Society of Disability and Oral Health

Thank you for being at the forefront of health and wellbeing. I used to take it for granted sooo much before having to work on myself. The positive mindset workshop was amazing and helped start the motivation up again. I am trying to focus on smaller things and not thing about everything at once which tends to happen. 

Dr Razma Fozol

We had a great day of training at CM Dental.. The Mindfulness breathing was really good. I liked the science behind it. We are definitely going to implement mindfulness within the practice!

Dr Caroline Mckeown, principal CM Dental

I had the pleasure of attending Dr Khwaja’s Psychology of Motivation and Habits workshop which helped me thing about different forces that affect my motivation. Her interactive teaching style kept us all relating the concepts we learned back to our own every day lives. This made it even more impactful and I left the day with many tangible actions points I wish to implement in my every day life. 

Dr Elyas Younis

Very effective delivery & tone of voice. I found it very useful learning about application of midfulness in everyday practice, habit forming techniques & ABS Model of managing difficult thoughts. It was an excellent experience. 

Dr Surjeet Photay (Principal)

Thanks for this great workshop. I feel this year is even more important to implement Positive Psychology in our lives. It was also a great reminder to thing of the end goal and work backwards 🙌🏾 always learning! Thanks again. Looking forward to any more workshops

Dr Razma Fozol