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Dr Mahrukh Khwaja helps you support your people with bespoke workplace wellbeing programmes, workshops and products that decrease stress, and skyrocket happiness and profitability.

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High stress.
Poor mental health.

Thriving teams are defined by more than just the absence of depression, burnout, compassion fatigue, and stress. They’re free to flourish, find their happiness at work — without sacrificing their quality of life. We work with organisations across the globe, using research-backed neuroscience and proven positive psychology techniques, to empower professionals to feel better and do better, both in their career and in life.

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Does Mind Ninja Really Work? The Numbers Say It Best:

Felt that the Mind Flossing toolkit helped to support their mental health
Used the Mind Flossing toolkit regularly at home and when working
Felt increases in positive emotions from using the Mind Flossing toolkit

Improving Mental Well-Being for Employees Globally

Is this you?
Your mind goes a mile a minute and is almost impossible to switch off.
You’re obsessed with being perfect (and terrified of falling short).
You get distracted and discouraged by negative self-talk that chips away at your confidence and stops you from growing.
You’re constantly anticipating others’ needs — at the expense of your own.
Build resilience + manage stress

Learning how to handle challenges like a champ, without getting sidetracked by catastrophising and other intrusive thoughts.

Improve focus + productivity

Delivering the kind of top-notch care that improves patients’ lives — and that you can take pride in.

Increase well-being + happiness

So you stop dreading the workday and start looking forward to it.

Strengthen emotional regulation + emotional intelligence

So you can live freely and authentically, without the destructive mental habits that have been holding you back.

We teach you how to transform your stressed-out, overactive mind into your greatest ally

Using evidence-based workplace wellbeing education, designed specifically for your niche. With specialist knowledge in the dental and healthcare sector.

Mind Ninja’s Signature Offerings

Caring for your mental wellbeing isn’t so different from dental health. Good habits and routine maintenance go a long way. Here’s how Mind Ninja can help get you on track to greatness.

Well-being Workshops + Webinars

Immersive education on must-know topics like mindfulness, positive psychology, building resilience, banishing burnout, cultivating a growth mindset, changing your behaviour, and more.

Speaking + Consulting Services

Custom talks and trainings on a variety of topics to transform your mental health at work and beyond.

Team Training

Half- and full-day sessions that explore practical skills to manage emotions and cope effectively with stressors at work.

Custom Programmes

Structured workshops that support sustained change over time, using proven frameworks to build resilience and foster good mental health habits.

One-on-one Coaching

Custom training that’s tailored to you — your dreams, goals, and challenges — with the biggest benefit of all: personal support and guidance from me (ie. someone who’s been where you are).

Well-being Products for Dental and Healthcare Pros

Immersive education on must-know topics like mindfulness, positive psychology, building resilience, banishing burnout, cultivating a growth mindset, changing your behaviour, and more.

How Mind Ninja Helped One of the UK’s Largest Dental Groups Build Healthy Habits

How does Mind Ninja help?

Ask Real Good Dental, a team of over 250 dental associates and 500 nursing and support staff. The organisation needed a solid strategy to combat high rates of burnout and foster resilience and well-being among at every level of its workforce.

The solution

In a custom Mind Ninja full-day workshop, Dr. Khwaja delivered a tailored programme that tackled the biggest causes of burnout and how to prevent them, including:

  • Understanding what good mental health is and how to support it
  • Recognising common mental health challenges and their early warning signs
  • Upskilling team leaders to hold effective well-being conversations
  • Building confidence to signpost to further supportUsing mindfulness and self-compassion to regulate stress
  • Developing positive practices to harness positive emotions, mindset, and strengths
The results

Of the 25 dental professionals who participated, many reported significant improvements in their mental well-being and a renewed outlook on their work. Like Ushadevi Vijayakumar, a dentist at University Dental Care Edinburgh, who shared how the training impacted both their mindset and their day-to-day routine:

“I was keen to learn new techniques and have a change and break from my usual routine. And there are practical things I will definitely take away and implement in the practice. Things like meditation and taking two-minute breaks to carry out breathing exercises with my nurses. It’s so important to help with our mindset.”

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Feedback That Put a Smile on Our Faces

"Mahrukh has been a joy to work with. Her expertise and collaborative approach have made the development process a genuine pleasure, and the resource is something which both she and Unilever can feel exceptionally proud of.”

Louisa Bassant, Unilever

“We have recorded numerous podcasts, videos and panels with Mahrukh over the last few years and she is confident and professional and has expert knowledge in her field. She is always thoroughly prepared and has a lovely calming presence when talking to any audience. I could listen to her for hours!”

Fern Lloyd, Practice Plan

“At our Dental Debate event speaking about Mental Health, Mahrukh spoke with an expert insight and we saw firsthand how she had a positive impact on audience members. She is always so friendly, kind, and engaging — a total pleasure to work with!”

Joe Lovett, Director, Company Sales and Marketing

“The workshop was really helpful in challenging natural thought processes and allowing us to reframe our life, events, and goals using positive psychology.”

Niall Neeson, ‘The Calming Dentist’ Boyne Dental &Implant Centre

“I loved it. I really enjoyed learning about the power of mindfulness and the brain changes that occur. I loved learning about how to manage thoughts in different situations. I would highly recommend Mind Ninja.”

Dr. Zainab Al-Makhtar, Principal of Harrow on the HillDental & Facial Aesthetics

“Thank you for being at the forefront of health and well-being. The positive mindset workshop was amazing and helped start the motivation up again.”

Dr. Razma Fozol

About Dr. Mahrukh Khwaja

Dr. Mahrukh Khwaja is a dentist, positive psychologist, accredited mindfulness teacher, and the founder of Mind Ninja, an award-winning wellness startup dedicated to improving mental health and resilience of individuals across the globe. Her vision is to support others in their journey for a calm mind, and thriving life.

With nothing of its kind currently available in the healthcare industry, she envisioned a system of support that, just like daily brushing and flossing, took a preventive maintenance approach to mental health. Drawing on the neuroscience of well-being, and positive psychology, she developed Mind Ninja as a solution that would help teams build mental resilience, foster connection and meaning, and thrive.

Mind Ninja’s comprehensive range of training, coaching, and wellness products, including the signature Mind Flossing Toolkit, have been implemented by a diverse range of organisations, including NHS Health England, Unilever, Colgate, King's College London, Acteon, British Dental Association, and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. Dr. Khwaja has been named Top 50 in Dentistry two years in a row (2022 and 2021) by FMC for her work on Mental Health in Dentistry. She is also the author of the book Resilience and Well-being for Dental Professionals, published by Wiley-Blackwell.

Read Mahrukh’s story
Read Mahrukh’s story
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