Mind Flossing Toolkit
(2nd edition)

Mindful self-compassion cards for dental professionals & teams

The story behind the toolkit

As a dental professional, we work so closely with our patients, and this means that we are at more risk of occupational hazards like burnout and compassion fatigue. With no bespoke interventions in Dentistry that help not only prevent illness, but equally as importantly, help dental professionals and teams feel happier, and thrive, I launched edition 1 of the Mind Flossing toolkit in 2021. It was successfully received – with over 800 dental professionals benefiting from the toolkit, and organisations like NHS Health England adopting the toolkit for a resilience programme supporting their FD dentists and trainers.

On 4th December 2023, I launched version 2 of the toolkit. All the best bits from edition 1 with the addition of QR codes that direct you to guided meditations, 11 categories, new cards and a more durable box.

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What’s mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a practice that involves being present and fully engaged in the current moment, without judgement. This skill actively invites more positive emotions of:


Although it can involve meditation, we can practice mindfulness during almost any activity, and even when we are with patients.

A research backed tool

Intervention research for healthcare professionals has demonstrated that mindfulness based programmes have led to increases in positive markers like positive emotions, enhanced self-care behaviours, improved thinking and memory, resilience, compassion satisfaction and quality of life.

(Neff et al, 2020; Kaisti et al, 2023; Yogeswaran et al, 2021).

How does the toolkit work?

This interactive toolkit consists of 60 mindfulness cards, created by a dentist and Positive Psychologist, for dental professionals. Bursting with practical tools and easy to follow exercises you can do when with patients or at home, from journaling to meditation, and creative activities, Mind Flossing takes you through, card by card, the steps to build a happy and meaningful life. Scan the QR codes to listen to guided meditations designed specifically for dental professionals in mind.

The numbers say it best

Users of the Mind Flossing Toolkit said their mental health improved after use
Using the toolkit at work with patients
Dental professionals benefiting from the toolkit

Praised by dental professionals globally

"I am a dentist, working in practice and this comes with stressors, as we all know. This toolkit is absolutely invaluable. I really think it's something our profession would benefit from. The pictures on the cards are beautiful. There's a lot of concise information, which is all science-based about different practices you can do to help overcome stressors throughout the day and help us to become more mindful, grateful, happy, calm.

They could be applied to everything. I am really impressed with the variety of cards, such as the yoga poses you can do on the dental chair. They cover such a wide range of different topics. It's like everything you could ever want in one concise little pack! From meditations to gratitude to self-compassion and how we can deal with that inner negative inner voice that many of us get throughout the day. I think it's absolutely incredible. I'm really happy with it and I'm already thinking of a few friends I want to buy this for."

Hoda Sepehrara,
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"Something exciting is being introduced to us, the dental community and I can’t wait for you to discover these for yourselves. This deck of cards brings so much detail and practical well-being exercises to help hone in on meditation practices, journaling and even art therapy. I’m not one for art and these activities have truly changed my approach to relaxation. The mind flossing well-being toolkit box is phenomenal”

Robiha Nazir,
Dental Hygienist

"I think what Mahrukh has created here is so beautiful. The illustrations are beautiful.Every card is so well thought out. I love that the cards are evidence-based and practical. There are so many things I didn’t know about, like what emotions are or what self-compassion exactly is. There are a wealth of tools that you can reach out to. I also love the concept of ‘mind flossing’. It's so important to floss that mind and prevent yourself from getting burnout, stress and anxiety. Highly recommend it.”

Raabiha Maan, Principal at
Bridge Dental Cosmetic Studio

"I really appreciate Mahrukh whatyou’ve created with the Mind Flossing toolkit. I wish itexisted and was normalised when I was studying”

Alice Garside,
Dental hygienist

What will I learn?

Recognise burnout early
Counteract imposter syndrome thoughts
Grow mindset
Unhook from unhelpful thoughts
Banish anxiety
Transform your goal setting
Enhance relationships
Create work-life harmony
Apply mindfulness and self-compassion with patients and at home
Discover how to use your strengths daily
Skyrocket positive emotions
Invite meaning
Optimise sleep
Develop a kinder inner voice

Beautifully illustrated

Each card is a beautifully illustrated, work of art created by illustrator, Christy Johnson. Drawing upon the research on positive design, the Navigating A Squiggly Life toolkit is designed to make you feel good, and take positive steps forward when it comes to your health and happiness.

Each colour, font type and design of the illustrations has been thoughtfully selected after a thorough design phase. A diverse representation shown throughout, unlike anything on the market currently.
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A long lasting box

The rigid box is made with a fine linen-structured paper and the cards are made of a 400gsm thickness Pro paper, with a gorgeous matte finish. The highest standard in terms of flexibility, and durability.
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‘Mission Mindful’ campaign

With burnout rates, suicide, and poor mental health being a record high amongst the dental profession, now is the time for positive solutions. With that in mind, Dr Khwaja launches ‘Mission Mindful’ well-being campaign, on 4th December 2023.

The vision

Mission Mindful aims to help those working in the dental sector globally to take an active approach to their mental well-being, through integrating mindfulness when working and at home. This campaign addresses the problems of high stress, burnout, disengagement and low levels of happiness at work.


This years theme is : put well-being into action. Taking small steps every day add up to us feeling happier and healthier. We don't always know what those small steps can look like, and so this years campaign will increase awareness and understanding of how to apply mindfulness, self-compassion and well-being practices to our daily life.

What does the campaign involve?

Mission Mindful incorporates a yearly social media campaign, a mindfulness calendar, and special packages for organisations to support dental professionals through a range of mindfulness programmes, workshops, podcasts and blogs.

2023 social media campaign:

  • Mission Mindful calendar, with 31 prompts to help you infuse mindfulness with patients or at home
  • Social media posts to increase awareness of what mindfulness is, benefits, research, and how to apply practices when with patients, team or at home.
  • A series of videos, called My Mindfulness Journey, where dental professionals share how mindfulness has benefited them
  • Encouraging engagement from the profession, sharing picture of practising mindful activity/mindfulness at work using hashtag #MyMindfulMoments
  • Giveaways of the Mind Flossing toolkit edition 2
To register your interest as a dental organisation/industry partner and discuss the ‘Mission Mindful’ campaign further, email mahrukh@mind-ninja.co.uk

31-day mindfulness calendar

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