About Me

Dr Mahrukh Khwaja, Dentist & Positive Psychologist
Dr Mahrukh Khwaja is the founder and CEO of Mind Ninja; a well-being startup providing resilience and mental health training to dental and healthcare professionals so they can thrive in any environment. Mind Ninja provides workshops, webinars, team training and one-to-one coaching and has worked with a diverse range of organisations, including King's College London, NHS Oxford Health, BDA, Tipton Training and Dentinal Tubules. Mahrukh was a guest speaker for the Global Oral Health Collaborative resilience pilot programme for 5th-year dental students at King's College London in 2020, and wrote the Level 7 well-being programme for Acteon. Mind Ninja was a shortlisted finalist at the Private Dentistry Awards 2020. Mahrukh was named Top 50 in Dentistry 2021 by FMC for her work on mental health in Dentistry. Mahrukh is a dentist with over 11 years of clinical experience, a Positive Psychologist, an accredited mindfulness teacher, and holds a Master's in Applied Positive Psychology.