Positive Psychology Coaching

“A scientifically-rooted approach to helping clients increase well-being, enhance and apply strengths, improve performance and achieve valued goals”

Kauffman, Boniwell & Silberman, 2009
I support dental professionals by helping development of emotional resilience and optimal well-being, leverage character strengths and overcome the barriers that prevent them from flourishing.

As a Positive Psychology Practitioner, my coaching approach is based on Positive Psychology interventions, neuroscience and mindfulness. I also utilise Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Well-Being Therapy (WBT), and Appreciative Coaching (AC).  I aim to support you by drawing on the major areas of positive psychology, which include well-being, resilience, strengths, emotional intelligence, mindsets, meaning, optimism, positivity and goals. If you are suffering from low mood, these techniques can be used to support your recovery and strengthen your resilience.

How can Mind Ninja help

Build your muscle of resilience
Learn mental tools that help you cope with stressors, adversities & negative thoughts
Develop your personal qualities and achieve personal growth, meaning and happiness
Enhance your character strengths, boost your self esteem and hone your leadership skills
How do you coach?
I generally work in coaching blocks of six sessions so that we can keep track of progress but I am flexible on this. Sessions can be via Zoom online or in person where possible. Coaching is confidential. I keep notes for guidance which will not be disclosed to any 3rd party except when required by law. I am fully insured.
Is coaching the same as therapy or counselling?
Coaching, counselling and therapy share many core skills. However, the key difference between coaching and therapy or counselling is that coaching does not involve medical care or treatment and does not seek to resolve old underlying issues. In other words, it does not look into the past. Coaching programmes are generally more concerned with the practical issues of changing perceptions, goal setting and achieving results within foreseeable time frames.
What is a complimentary session?
When you request my support, I offer you a complimentary session (a free 15 mins chat with no-obligation).  This allows you an opportunity for you to see if we can gel together and me the opportunity to share how I can help you.
How much does coaching cost?
The cost of a coaching session per hour is based on a sliding scale dependent on if you are a student or graduate (£75-£200).