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Building happy workplaces isn’t magic — it’s science. Learn the proven neuroscience and positive psychology principles that are transforming the lives and careers of people and teams around the world.

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Mind Ninja Talk Topics

My signature talks are designed to give you practical, actionable insights you can start applying right away to improve your (and your team’s) mental health and well-being, along with the science behind why it works. And because building better mental well-being is an active process, my talks are immersive and engaging, with relevant, real-world examples.

Workplace Wellbeing
Positive Psychology
Behaviour Change and High Performance
Early Burnout Detection
Work-life Balance
And much more

More About Mahrukh: Workplace Wellbeing Speaker

Dentist, Positive Psychologist, Mind Ninja Founder + CEO

The way I see it, mental health and dental health go hand in hand. As long as I’ve been a dentist (13 years and counting), I’ve also been a passionate advocate of mental health for healthcare professionals. I even wrote a book on the topic and have been recognised by FMC for my work on mental health in dentistry.

And because this knowledge is too powerful and too life-changing not to be shared, I’ve spent the last several years presenting my work to more than 1,000 healthcare professionals at dozens of events across the country.

My vision is to support others in their journey
for a calm mind, and thriving life.

Read Mahrukh’s story
Read Mahrukh’s story

Industry recognition

Dentistry's Top 50 by FMC: 2023, 2022, 2021
GHP 2022 Excellence In Innovation for Mind Ninja
Private Dentistry Awards: Best Community Project finalist 2022, 2021, 2020

If you’re a healthcare professional, team leader or organisation who wants to build happier and more productive teams, and positive work cultures that increase profitability, I’m here to help.

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So, is a Mind Ninja talk right for you or your organisation? Here are some common guideposts to help you decide.
Dental / Healthcare / Corporate organisations,
does this resonate with you?

You’re looking for education that engages with your community and supports your clients, while exploring topics outside of clinical healthcare

You’re eager to spotlight your company values of health, compassion, and commitment to supporting the profession

Dental / healthcare / managers / business owners,
does this sound familair to you?

Absenteeism is on the rise at your clinic — and even when you’ve got a full staff, engagement and efficiency just aren’t what they should be

You’re losing valued staff to burnout — and don’t know how to stop the outflow of talent

Your current team building efforts are falling flat, eating up tons of work time without producing meaningful outcomes

Dental and healthcare professionals,
does this sound like you?

You love helping patients, but are feeling tired, disengaged, and unmotivated at work

You find yourself catastrophising, going down mental rabbit holes, and imagining worst-case scenarios that leave you stressed out and considering quitting just to get some relief

You heard that burnout was an occupational hazard, but you didn’t expect it to happen to you (and definitely not so swiftly or so severely)

Featured in podcasts

What Outcomes Can You Expect After a Mind Ninja Talk?

An understanding of what mental health is and how to cultivate positive health (and the warning signs that help is needed)
A solid grounding in neuroscience and positive psychology principles that will allow you to see yourself and your work in new and empowering ways
A collection of proven techniques you can start applying immediately to improve mental health and well-being on the individual and organisational level

What Past Clients Have Said

“We have recorded numerous podcasts and videos with Mahrukh over the last few years and she is a complete natural in front of the camera. She is confident and professional and has expert knowledge in her field. Whether it’s hosting podcasts or giving short top tips and advice to dental practices on video, she gets given the brief and runs with it!"

Fern Lloyd, Practice Plan

“The webinar was so clear and well structured, which was so refreshing in these chaotic times. It’s only as you were going along that I realized how tense my shoulders were and then started relaxing during our loving kindness mindfulness exercises. Thank you so much!”

Grace Kelly, President of Irish Society of Disability and Oral Health

“We had a great day of training at CM Dental. The mindfulness breathing was really good.
I liked the science behind it.
We are definitely going to implement mindfulness within the practice!”

Dr. Caroline Mckeown, Principal CM Dental

“Very effective delivery and tone of voice. I found it very useful learning about the application of mindfulness in every day practice, habit forming techniques, and the ABC Model of managing difficult thoughts. It was an excellent experience.”

Dr. Surjeet Photay (Principal)

“What Mahrukh has introduced with Mind Ninja is a turning back to our humanity and self love. I have taken a couple of Mahrukh’s courses and implemented her strategies. I can say hands down they have made a difference to my daily happiness levels and taught me ways to be more self-compassionate in my job.”

Hoda Sepehrara, Associate

"Supporting the development of today's future dental care professionals goes way beyond clinical skills and expertise, it is equally as important to practice and nurture well-being. Dr. Mahrukh provides the tools and resources to effectively reflect on self-care, mindfulness, and mental well-being in a fun and engaging way."

Shelley Bowman, Oral Health Liaison Manager, Colgate

Ready to enjoy the benefits of a healthier, happier team?

Join over 1,000 healthcare professionals who have already started using Mind Ninja principles to increase their resilience, improve their stress management, banish burnout, and re-ignite their passion for providing life-changing dental care.

Book me for your next conference, team-building event, panel talk, podcast, or other speaking engagement and start experiencing how good life can be, both in and beyond the walls of your clinic.

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