Navigating A Squiggly Life Toolkit

60 mindfulness cards to help you flourish

Put well-being into action


towards a healthier and happier you

We are programmed to believe that the line of life is a linear, straight trajectory, but life is squiggly. Life events happen that we weren’t expecting. Changes occur in the direction of our careers. With it comes a rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts. This beautifully illustrated deck of 60 mindfulness prompts helps you navigate your squiggly life with greater ease.

Just pick a card, and spend 10 minutes a day to feel happier, more connected to others, living a life of meaning and accomplishing the goals that truly matter to you the most.

Bursting with science-backed activities from Positive Psychology, this interactive pack takes you through, card by card, the steps to create a happy, resilient and meaningful life. Scan the QR codes to listen to guided meditations, and fill the beautiful online worksheets to build positive habits that stick.

The story behind the toolkit

I created this toolkit after my recovery from my own experience of burnout and depression. Life had certainly been squiggly for me, and as a healthcare professional I was seeking science backed tools, to help me not only get through the difficult things happening, but also to flourish and find a sense of meaning again. Having seen the benefits of mindfulness and self-compassion practices first-hand, I set about designing a toolkit that would make mindfulness easily accessible, and help users learn how to infuse mindfulness and positive psychology practices with ease.

We are more likely to succeed building sustainable habits if we enjoy the process, and that’s why the design features of this toolkit really matters to me. I designed it with the view that making mindfulness fun, and as engaging as it could be, would be my north star.  That’s why the toolkit is an interactive resource, stimulating your senses: from beautiful, friendly illustrations, to listening to the audio of calming guided meditations, amplified further by the background of nature sounds. The fun continues with creative digital worksheets, that support in helping users meld together the science of well-being to their own lives. The idea is to nudge users to take small steps that add up - whether at work, or at home.

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Praised by psychologists and meditation teachers all over the world

The Squiggly Toolkit has been a game-changer for my mental health and wellbeing! 🌟 This interactive gem based on mindfulness and positive psychology isn't just informative – it's FUN! Its engaging activities and exercises have helped me navigate my emotions, reduce stress, and foster a more positive mindset. A must-try for anyone looking to boost their mental well-being in an enjoyable way!

Shabbir Mellick, well-being coach, author of The Mindfulness Journal, pharmacist independent prescriber, and the founder of Fitrah Designs

This pack of beautifully illustrated cards serve as a wonderful resource for anyone who either just starting out on their mindfulness journey, or looking for inspiration to continue their practice. Set out into 11 categories, there is something for everyone and every mood. Highly recommend!

Laura Bury, physiotherapist, founder of Our Mindful Children

As self-understanding brings us closer to others with compassion, this toolkit narrows the gap between theory and real-world application. I wholeheartedly recommend 'Navigating A Squiggly Life' to all seekers of genuine transformation.

Dr. Mahrukh Khwaja's 'Navigating A Squiggly Life' toolkit is an artistic blend of prompts interwoven with science-backed activities, crafting a bridge between deep knowledge and the heart's calling. Using this toolkit as their compass, in my consultancy, I've seen my clients traverse the challenges of work-life balance and perfectionism, experiencing transformative shifts in their perspectives.

Dr. Sanae Tabnaoui, Positive Psychology Practitioner, Doctor in Physical Chemistry
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Navigating  A Squiggly Life toolkit at a glance

Launches 27th November 2023

What will I learn?

Practise mindfulness
Quieten imposter syndrome
Grow mindset
Unhook from unhelpful thoughts
Invite meaning
Banish anxiety
Transform your goal setting
Develop a kinder inner voice
Create work-life harmony
Optimise sleep
Discover how to use your strengths daily
Skyrocket positive emotions
Enhance relationships

Creative, inspiring nudges

Use the cards to nudge yourself towards positive feelings, thoughts and actions

Find your calm

Scan the  QR code on the back of the card, to learn how to meditate, listening to 13 soothing, short meditations, including a beautiful sleep story.

Small steps add up

Easily apply the science of well-being to your work and personal life using 10 digital worksheets, exploring goal setting, growth mindset, values and more. Scan the QR code at the back of the card to instantly download and fill the worksheets online.
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Beautifully illustrated

Each card is a beautifully illustrated, work of art created by illustrator, Christy Johnson. Drawing upon the research on positive design, the Navigating A Squiggly Life toolkit is designed to make you feel good, and take positive steps forward when it comes to your health and happiness.

Each colour, font type and design of the illustrations has been thoughtfully selected after a thorough design phase. A diverse representation shown throughout, unlike anything on the market currently.

A long lasting box

The rigid box is made with a fine Linen-structured paper and the cards are made of a 400gsm thickness Pro paper, with a gorgeous matte finish. The highest standard in terms of flexibility and durability.
Durable presentation
Cards 400gsm pro
Matte finish