Mind Flossing toolkit

Well-being cards for DCPS for work and at home
The Mind Flossing toolkit is your guide to enhancing resilience and well-being using evidence-based science. Drawing on Positive Psychology, this beautifully illustrated toolkit explores what it means to practise mindfulness, self-compassion, gratitude, growth mindset and use your strengths, with patients and at home. Bursting with practical tools and easy to follow exercises, from meditation, journaling to creative activities, Mind Flossing takes you through, card by card, the steps to create a happy and meaningful life.

You will learn how to:

Recognise burnout early
Easily integrate well-being strategies
Apply mindfulness and self-compassion with patients and at home
Counteract imposter syndrome thoughts
Build emotional intelligence
Psychology of creating habits that stick
Neuroscience of well-being
Yoga at work
Use your strengths everyday
Build optimism
Connect with nature


Evidenced - based tools
Builds greater psychological well-being and resilience
Quick, practical activities
Activities to use when with patients
Covers a massive range of topics; burnout, perfectionism, imposter syndrome and the mental health continuum to mindfulness, self-compassion, using strengths, optimism, team resilience, yoga, forest bathing and more
Created by dentist for DCP’s

Who this toolkit
is for:

Dental students
Dental associates
Dental team


I think what Mahrukh has created here is so beautiful. The illustrations are beautiful.Every card is so well thought out. I love that the cards are evidence-based and practical. There are so many things I didn’t know about, like what emotions are or what self-compassion exactly is. There are a wealth of tools that you can reach out to. I also love the concept of ‘mind flossing’. It's so important to floss that mind and prevent yourself from getting burnout, stress and anxiety. Highly recommend it.”

Raabiha Maan,Principal at Bridge Dental Cosmetic Studio

"Something exciting is being introduced to us, the dental community and I can’t wait for you to discover these for yourselves. This deck of cards brings so much detail and practical well-being exercises to help hone in on meditation practices, journaling and even art therapy. I’m not one for art and these activities have truly changed my approach to relaxation. The mind flossing well-being toolkit box is phenomenal”

Robiha Nazir, Dental Hygienist

"I am a dentist, working in practice and this comes with stressors, as we all know. This toolkit is absolutely invaluable. I really think it's something our profession would benefit from. The pictures on the cards are beautiful. There's a lot of concise information, which is all science-based about different practices you can do to help overcome stressors throughout the day and help us to become more mindful, grateful, happy, calm. They could be applied to everything. I am really impressed with the variety of cards, such as the yoga poses you can do on the dental chair. They cover such a wide range of different topics. It's like everything you could ever want in one concise little pack! From meditations to gratitude to self-compassion and how we can deal with that inner negative inner voice that many of us get throughout the day. I think it's absolutely incredible. I'm really happy with it and I'm already thinking of a few friends I want to buy this for.”

Hoda Sepehrara, Dentist

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