The Guesthouse

May 24, 2021

Arizona Awinita, known for her wisdom, gentleness and compassion, was the elderly hostess of a quaint hotel – The Little Fawn.

This whitewashed hotel sat nestled between trees brimming with fruit and dazzling with wisteria. Guests had the pleasure of hearing the soft lull of the ocean and the coo of the birds.

Every morning a new arrival would turn up at the doorstep of The Little Fawn. Sometimes a traveller would arrive especially joyful and energised to be exploring this part of the world. Laughter would echo through the walls of the hotel and new friendships forged.

Other times, an unexpected visitor, full of sorrows, would make their way to the hotel. With a heavy heart, they would share with Arizona their stories of missed opportunities, failures and shame. She would softly encourage them to open up – each moment honouring their story with warmth, courage and respect.

Each guest, whether bearing joy or dark thoughts, Arizona welcomed them all at the door smiling, inviting them in. She knew even the seemingly unwelcome guests would depart in time. She remained grateful for whoever came, as each of them she believed, were sent as a guide from beyond.

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